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Louis Garneau Cycling Clothing!


$32.50 - $65.00
$10.00 - $14.99
$12.99 - $14.99

For the best fit and feel ride in Louis Garneau cycling clothing!Louis Garneau and his wife Monique Arsenault started manufacturing cycling clothing in 1983. But before that, Garneau had raced for 13 years around the globe and even won a Canadian championship. You'll ride your best with Louis Garneau clothing!The couple‚Äôs extensive cycling experience made them well aware of riders' specific needs and enabled them to develop a full range of original and comfortable cycling clothing, helmets, shoes and accessories.

In order for a product to be superbly comfortable and function perfectly under all riding conditions, advanced technology is often employed. And, Louis Garneau is a pioneer in innovations, which extend throughout their entire collection. For example, Garneau products were the first in North America to offer sublimation printing and anatomic-cut designs. They also developed the renowned MSB technology for cycling helmets. Louis Garneau makes bicycle clothing for everyone!From the weave of their fabrics, to the arch support in their shoes, each piece from Louis Garneau is carefully designed and crafted so that you get the most out of every ride in their products.

That's exactly why we stock and wear Louis Garneau cycling clothing, and we would enjoy showing you what makes their gear so impressive and comfortable. Plus, we love helping riders select the right items to make all of their rides more enjoyable and fun. Visit our store soon and experience the Garneau difference for yourself!