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Liv Bikes For Women!

Liv/giant is a whole new way of living with your bike by your side!A Whole New Way of Living
Liv/giant was created to fill a need for all women who are interested in the cycling lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter if you have years of experience, are a beginner, or have never ridden before and want to learn how cycling can help you live a happier, healthier, more adventurous life. Whatever your background and whatever type of rider you aspire to be, Liv/giant is designed for you.

The products bearing the Liv/giant brand represent a diverse range of purposes to meet the needs of every woman rider, from beginner to serious cyclist. A simple guiding principle is at the heart of these fine Giant products; it’s called 3F.

This product-design philosophy, which stands for “Fit, Form, Function,” allows Giant's Liv/giant engineers and designers to stay focused on the holistic balance of these three key characteristics that are critical to build bikes that appeal to women, are designed for them and ride so nicely you'll think every Liv/giant bike was custom built just for you.

The Five Key Values of Live/giant

  • Live in the moment: Cycling allows us to slow down, be present and appreciate our surroundings. To enjoy the journey is to live life to the fullest.
  • Live positively: Cycling gives us the balance and perspective to overcome everyday challenges. We try to make a positive difference by rethinking the way we live, work and play.
  • Live beautifully: Feeling good and looking good are closely connected. Giant aims for both function and style in every Liv/giant product they create.
  • Live authentically: Giant celebrates individuality and original style. They produce a wide range of bikes and gear to suit all different personalities, goals, dreams and moods.
  • Live responsibly: Giant respects our planet and believes cycling serves it well. They encourage everyone to choose cycling as a meaningful way to limit our impact.

Liv/giant's 3F concept is your guarantee of a great fit, stylish form and superb function!3F Stands for Fit, Form, Function
Nothing is more critical for comfort, function and overall riding enjoyment than a proper fit. Liv/giant bikes are designed specifically for the unique ergonomic needs of women riders like you. They are created with women’s-specific frame geometry and come in accommodating size ranges. Liv/giant bikes also feature women’s-specific components including narrower handlebars, shorter-reach brake levers and women’s seats. Every aspect of the bike is analyzed and optimized for a perfect fit.

While Giant's Liv/giant engineers determine the key factors of a bike’s handling, such as the frame material, geometry and integration, it’s the designers’ job to bring the whole package together in a stunning form. They aim for smooth, pleasing, organic lines and shapes. They also create stylish accessories and choose colors and graphics that connect with the unique personality of each bike's owner.

And, every Liv/giant bike is designed to serve the unique needs of the woman it's made for. From the off-road bikes with Giant's amazing Maestro suspension, to their cutting-edge road rides with their Advanced Composite Technology, these women's bikes are truly custom-tuned for you. Plus, Giant's top-end bikes are developed using feedback from professional racers. Their sport bikes are designed to be just as comfortable as they are zippy. And, their lifestyle bikes solve real-world needs with features, such as easy-to-operate and low-maintenance hub gearing and racks and baskets. These are just a few example of Liv/giant's functional solutions for all cycling pursuits.

Swing by our store to experience our selection of Liv/giant bicycle in person!

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